Youth Athletes 14-18 Years old

Becoming the best player on the field means doing all the right things off the field. Our Strength & Conditioning program takes a complete approach that teaches players how to build strength/power, flexibility, recover from tournaments/games (sore/achy muscles), and helps them learn the basics of nutrition. Giving them the foundation and knowledge needed to excel at the next level. Every player goes through a series of assessments to get a custom sports specific workout.



Youth Athletes 8-13 years old

The best clubs in the world understand how important it is for their youth players to understand the basics of speed & agility, strength training, and recovery. This foundation not only allows them to excel at a much faster rate, but also helps minimize injuries as they get older and the demand on their bodies increase. This program will focus on soccer specific exercises that look to increase your speed and quickness as well as strengthen your entire body. The players will learn the basic techniques of speed/agility training, increase core muscles through stabilization/balance exercises, increase overall strength, and how to recover from tournaments and games(sore/achy muscles).



Strength & Stamina

Yoga is becoming more and more popular the more we learn how much it benefits every aspect of our lives. It can be a demanding test of physical endurance and because of this, yoga is practiced by many professional athletes and entire teams for the purpose of improving flexibility, endurance, core strength, and balance. It also provides many benefits such as breathing techniques that can be used to aid in relaxation, mental and spiritual clarity, and focus. This incredibly powerful tool is greatly underutilized in youth sports today as it can be the difference between making it to the next level, or not!



Anyone Wanting To improve their life

Everybody has a different meaning to the word “fitness”. When someone says, “I want to be fit” to me, that means you want to be in a better physical and mental state than you currently are. As a personal trainer, I am here to discover that meaning and help you achieve it. There is no such thing as a "one program fits all" program. Every individual is different and needs a fitness program tailored to their specific goals and lifestyle. The good news is, with an almost endless amount of fitness paths to take, everyone has the capability to achieve their fitness goals and achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle!