Intense Training


Strength in Body & Mind

Let's be honest, college soccer is more demanding on the mind and body than most athletes are prepared for. Being the fastest, the strongest, or the best technical player doesn't matter if you are injured. And unfortunately, in collegiate sports, it's "when" not "if" you get hurt. KH Fit exists to prepare youth athletes for the next level, help them continue to grow their passion and love for the game, and prevent injuries/fatigue from diminishing their potential.



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Yoga Instructor

I have played numerous sports throughout my life and have a deep background in yoga. I believe yoga is an underutilized tool for every single human; parents (pregnant, postpartum, and fathers), students, elderly, children and especially athletes. As we get older, we naturally become less flexible. Combine being less flexible with the increase in mental and physical strain that comes with collegiate athletics, that's an injury waiting to happen. Personally, I have always been a yogi, but it was not until I was pregnant with our first son that I grew a passion to teach it and share the benefits to others.



Personal Trainer

As a collegiate athlete I was riddled with injuries and played more games hurt and fatigued than healthy.  It wore me down so much it made me question why I was playing at times. Unfortunately, this is more common than you would think and is a feeling I never want any other athlete to feel. This is the driving force behind why I want to make sure youth athletes have the right training to excel at the high level possible.




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